About Us

Who We Are

First Edition Arts (FEA) is a team of people with backgrounds in business journalism, corporate communications, music, design, filmmaking, advertising and cultural documentation.

And we are passionate about the arts.

The FEA team curates, presents, documents and produces artistic works with some of the finest musicians and performers across Hindustani classical and traditional music genres, contemporary jazz, blues, rock, pop and more. We also work with Indian classical and contemporary dancers, theatre, dance-theatre and comedy artistes.

We aim to support new, varied and stimulating artistes, performers and productions; strengthening the live arts scene in India. Bringing quality and variety to the entire spectrum, from the classical to the contemporary and across all genres, is a critical part of our vision.

We aim to strengthen our own culture while remaining open to the influence of other cultures, relying on quality as the critical benchmark in all our curatorial decisions.

We also work with businesses, corporate brands, public and private cultural and educational institutions and NGOs to explore the possibility of working with the arts specially to enhance learning processes and outcomes.

To emphasise audience connect to the arts, we create opportunities for meeting artistes and building rich surround content in the form of videos and brochures.